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Piwonka, CPA, Inc. does not prepare your tax return while you wait. Our philosophy is that all tax returns are handled by two people ensuring accuracy.

There is much to you need to know when tax time rolls around. To help you get organized and to set expectations when having your return prepared by Piwonka, CPA we are providing some links to documents, forms and general information that will help you pull your tax forms and information together. The more organized and complete your information the more it benefits you.


2016 New Client Organizer  (Please note that you do not have to fill this out - Only the first few pages have to be filled out with your personal information. If you have a form (1098, 1099, W-2 etc.) from your bank, employer, investment company etc... just attach it. If things do not apply to you - just skip that section.)

1040 Need to know

Business Miles 2016