Bank Requested Letters for Loans

I received a call this morning that went like this: "I own my own business and the bank needs a letter verifying the income of my business in order to complete my mortgage. How much will you charge me to complete this work?" Oh, dear 🙁 this caller has no idea what she is requesting and the risk she is requesting my firm to take on her behalf! (Also reconfirming my dislike of lender practices these days.)
First and foremost, what the bank is looking for is called a "comfort letter" which in effect shifts the bank's due diligence work & risk to the CPA.
Secondly, the AICPA strictly FORBIDS CPAs from doing so, as we do not provide verification for anything unless it is upon the completion of an audit, review, or other agreed upon attest services. The cost for an audit is $4K+ and will take at least 3 months to complete. Obviously, this is outside the scope of what the caller was expecting both in time & cost.
So what is this caller supposed to do...the caller should go back to the bank with the attached information from the AICPA and get confirmation that the information the CPA is authorized to provide is acceptable to the bank.…/Thi…/QA_Third_Party_Verification.pdf